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Accelerator Program is a free, 4-quarter program offered virtually every quarter  in our global communities.

This program offers a unique combination of immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional global network. Anyone with a dream to start or grow a business or nonprofit is encouraged to apply.

The program is also offered in Spanish in many of our communities

How It Works

Accelerator Program is broken into two distinct phases:

During the first Quarter:

  • Entrepreneurs attend classes as part of a “cohort” (up to 15 other entrepreneurs) taught by content specialists in person twice a week.

  • Entrepreneurs meet with their very own team of three Mentors for 90 minutes every week to help guide them in taking their idea to the next level.

  • At the end of three months, a Showcase and Celebration event is held for entrepreneurs to celebrate their Accelerator Program accomplishments with friends, family and community.

For the remaining 3-Quarter:

  • Entrepreneurs meet with their mentor teams once a month for 90 minutes

  • Entrepreneurs meet with their cohort teams once per quarter.

Throughout the year-long program, there are quarterly opportunities to receive resources and introductions to investors and small cash prizes.

Casual Business Meeting
  • Absolutely no cost to participate.

  • Cohort model featuring up to 15 entrepreneurs per class facilitates collaboration and teamwork. 

  • Practical, intensive in-person sessions with content specialists cover critical early-stage business challenges (i.e. value proposition, fundraising, bookkeeping, pricing, social media). 

  • Opportunity to get access pre-seed capital each quarter.

  • Open to all individuals in and around the GlobalStartUpCON communities.

  • A team of two dedicated Mentors to guide each entrepreneur take the business idea to the next level.

  • Proven ability to provide entrepreneurs with increased confidence, clarity, and connections.

  • Lifelong membership in the community!